League Play is a place where players of all ages and skill levels can experience organized competition in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Our league is run through the USATT league system. Every league player receives a USATT profile and rating. You can view current league ratings and past league session results by clicking here: West Central Table Tennis USATT League

League Fees: $5 per visit (first time is FREE!)

League Hours: Sundays from 1pm-4pm *You must be signed in by 1:30pm*

League Format:

  • Players are divided by club rating into round robin groups of 3, 4, or 5 players (6 player groups are possible if time permits). Highest rated players will be placed in Group A, followed by Group B, Group C, etc.
  • All players are welcome. New players will be given an estimated rating for their first session. Typically, new players will start in the lowest group and work their way up, but exceptions can be made for more experienced players.
  • Each player will be guaranteed at least 3 league matches per session.
  • The player with the best results in each group will be guaranteed a spot in the next highest group for the next scheduled League session. (Example: Jim wins all 4 matches in his Group C round robin group. Jim is guaranteed a spot in Group B for the following session.)
  • The player with the best result in Group A will have free entry into the next scheduled League session.
  • Match results will be recorded and tracked with the USATT League Rating System.
  • Standard ITTF rules will be observed.
  • League Director makes final decisions on all matters.

PDF of League Flyer