Our weekly Mini-Tournaments are a great way for players to compete in a fun and friendly format.  

Weekly Mini-Tournaments will begin on 01/06/2019. They will be organized during each of our 1pm - 5pm Open Play sessions on Sundays. At minimum, 4 tables will not be used for the tournament and remain available for Open Play. Here are additional details:

  • Limited to 16 players - first come, first serve.

  • You can sign-up ahead of time by emailing info@westcentraltabletennis.com or by texting/calling Nick at 509-342-9322.

  • Start time will be no later than 2pm.

  • $2 entry fee (in addition to the normal $5 Open Play fee).

  • Format for 16 players (will vary if fewer than 16 players):

    • Players will be divided into four groups of 4 players. Each group will play a round-robin.

    • The top two finishers in each group will advance to a Single-Elimination bracket of 8 players.

    • All the entry fees go into a pot. 1st Place wins half of the pot. All other players are entered in a random drawing for the other half of the pot.


If you have any questions, please contact Nick at info@westcentraltabletennis.com or 509-342-9322. Thanks!